Private Lessons ONLINE


Personally Driven Tuition

A 20 minute Virtual Private Lesson can sharpen your skills to get you back on track or shoot you to excellence. Taekwondo is such a mental and technical discipline that there’s often one small area that craves your attention.

You and your instructor will set your aim, and in 20 minutes you’ll work one-on-one towards your intention. Feedback then flows through to your next class and beyond.

Private Lessons


Do you need to review some skills before assessment or have you missed some sessions and need to catch up? You might just want to sharpen your techniques and shoot for excellence. Private lessons can boost your confidence.

Upon purchase we advise your Instructor of your request so he/she can contact you. Together you will establish the desired outcome from the lesson and login details for the lesson. This is a simple process and virtually possible for EVERYONE.

Children and adults pay just $25 for a 20 minute Virtual Private Lesson.