Ground Self Defence 03 May

Hall's Taekwondo

Ground Self Defence 03 May

Our self defence sessions for men, women and teens (13+ with a parent) teach practical and effective responses to threatening situations.

Our experienced instructors are military combat trained. They’ll awaken your existing strengths to empower you – literally from the ground up.

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Thursday 03 May 2018


Members free. Non-members $15.

The ARM Approach

Avoid, Resolve and Manage

We teach you to ARM yourself: AVOID through awareness, RESOLVE via non-physical skills and MANAGE when necessary using your physical and mental resources. You’ll learn that the most powerful weapon you have is your mind and your informed choices.

Why Ground Self Defence Matters

  • Release from chokes, wrist grabs and sexual assault
  • Increase your self esteem by recognising your capabilities
  • Familiarise yourself with threatening situations
  • Learn the value of self-defence and non-violence
  • Improve your situational awareness to avoid threats
  • Learn that a proactive response is preferable to inaction
  • Master simple, effective techniques you can use immediately
  • Learn to empower yourself in a supportive environment
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